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Man Up the Man Cave

Decorating the man cave of a guy who’s into motorcycles can be a fun challenge.  Finding the right piece that reflects their love for riding can really set the tone and the boundaries for his space.   Some guys only want to display their favorite make and model, while others like to display vintage parts that have been repurposed no matter where they come from.  Trying to find a unique gift for a guy who’s into early Indian motorcycles can be a challenge, but if you take a cue from a popular television show, the parts are out there waiting to be uncovered.  If scouring old barns and garages isn’t your thing, you can still give a great gift this holiday by selecting a custom pair of Aviators or other stylish eyewear such as the Outdoorsman Craft from Ray Ban.  And you don’t have to break the bank to do it.  Groupon offers promo codes and deals that will save you so much money, you can buy the glasses, and find a nice piece of wall art for the man cave.

This show, American Pickers, features two guys who scour the country looking for what they call “rusty gold.”  They are avid motorcycle buffs, who love to climb through old barns and garages.  They get really psyched when they get a tip on a classic barn find and are constantly looking for early motorcycle parts, pieces, or whole bikes.  The rarer and rustier the better.  You can get some great ideas for the motorcycle enthusiast on your list this season from watching that show.  They buy old apparel like classic racing jerseys and frame them.  They take old signage and hang it.  And they’ve taken old photographs from early motorcycle clubs or races back in the 1920’s and 30’s and made great wall hangings from them.

In those days, there was little thought given to insurance for motorcycle riders, and the riders themselves often balked at any attempt at regulation.  In some states, helmets were mandatory, but for the most part, the young and the reckless took their chances.  Many paid a dear price.  That’s why we love what we do.  Getting a quote is easy and smart.  You might be young, but don’t be reckless.  Enter your information and get a quote from us today.


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