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Chopper Insurance

The Road Awaits…

Have you built or bought a custom chopper or bobber? Then insure your bike through Chopper Insurance. We have partnered with the leading custom motorcycle insurance companies to provide you a vast array of rates and policies – online!

All you have to do is submit your zip code. We will match you to insurers in your area willing to cover both home-built and shop-built bikes. Don’t waste your time with a company that isn’t motorcycle-friendly, or just doesn’t “get it.” Work with the people who love to ride as much as you do.  We work with clients throughout the United States, though coverage may be unavailable in certain areas. Get in the saddle today!

About us

Here at Custom Chopper Insurance, we help know that insuring a chopper can be a pain. Whether you’re riding a chopped big twin or a bobbed XS650, you can sometimes run into trouble from the DMV, the insurance company, and even the authorities. They mainly want to see factory bikes with all of the rear-view mirrors and tail-lights in operational order – even if this isn’t required by law. In any case, we understand your needs. We are riders ourselves with years of experience in the insurance and web marketing industries. We have developed partnerships with many of the leading insurers across the nation who do want to insure your bike, whether it’s been chopped, bobbed, or street-fightered.

Insuring a Custom Bobber, Chopper, or Trike

Whether you ride a chopped production bike, a bobber, or a factory-built custom, we can help you get the right policy. With leading insurers such as GEICO, Progressive, and Nationwide, we bring you the ability to compare custom bike insurance policies and quotes. The price? Free! Just enter your zip code to get started.