Insure Your Custom Bobber or Chopper!

Pimp My Taco Stand?

Watching the guys at West Coast Customs pimp ride after derelict ride made many of us want to find a rusty old Pinto and see what they could come up with. Now, the gang has moved on to a new show and apparently a new tact. Recently, the group was commissioned to pimp a taco shop.

Southern California-based restaurant chain, Chronic Tacos, asked West Coast Customs to bring their brash style to a single shop in hopes that the crew could give them an edge over their competition. Not being an advertising bimbo, this blog will not give the address of the taco shop like some others might. Actually, the taco shop’s address is about all of the content in the press release announcing the partnership.

West Coast Customs is making money in a wide range of venues. Taco shops, might be a stretch. Of course, as long as the check doesn’t bounce, why should  Ryan Friedlinghaus and the boys really care who writes them.

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